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Resistance to Germline RNAi in a Caenorhabditis elegans Wild Isolate Exhibits Complexity and Non-Additivity - G3

Design and Construction of Recombinant Inbred Lines - Methods in Molecular Biology
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Greetings. You have found the website of one Daniel Avery Pollard (that red-headed fellow over to the right).

When I'm not rock climbing, hiking, cycling, or running in the natural beauty of Bellingham, WA, I'm usually teaching and conducting research at Western Washington University, as an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department.

My research interests fall in the general area of the evolution of development and the origins of organismal diversity. I am currently focused on the mechanisms and consequences of natural variation in gene expression in yeast, nematodes and arthropods.

A scientist only I am not. Music is one of my other great passions. I am also very grateful that I share my life with my wife Suzanne Lee and our two cats August and Gilbert.