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Resistance to Germline RNAi in a Caenorhabditis elegans Wild Isolate Exhibits Complexity and Non-Additivity - G3

Design and Construction of Recombinant Inbred Lines - Methods in Molecular Biology
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i love music. i make music, i help others make music and i listen to a lot of music.


i've been playing in the band spouse since 1997, when i was studying at bowdoin college. spouse is an indie rock band led by the most talented josé ayerve. we've put out a bunch of albums and when i have time i go on tour with them. we're on a bit of a hiatus at the moment but may return with force some day. for more information please check out these websites: www.spousemusic.com www.last.fm/music/Spouse.


i used to front a band called 'glider' in college. when i became more active in spouse i concentrated my song writing efforts on spouse. in 2004 i started making digital recordings of my ideas on my laptop and began calling this solo stuff 'taxon'. i've been posting these ideas on soundcloud (soundcloud.com/taxon).

the pentacles

for a while i played bass with the nocal surf band, the pentacles, made up of grad students in my lab and in another genetics labs at cal.

pigeon records

when spouse was first getting started josé and i decided to release two seven inch 45 rpm singles while we were shopping our first record around to established record labels. as so many indie bands in the 90s did, we created a label to make our releases seem more official. we called it pigeon records. we eventually grew to a dozen bands. the label now quite dormant. some info can still be found here: www.last.fm/label/Pigeon.

what i'm listening to

i use the website last.fm to track everything i listen to. check out my profile page www.last.fm/user/dpollard for lots of cool stats and some blogging i've done about shows and records.